Results 11th October 2014

11th October 2014 0 By lornctc
Ideal conditions for today’s 50DTL Open shoot + Oban Times club trophy shoot; clear, dry and still. A good turnout of 33 guns gave us 7 squads for the competition.Competition:High Gun was Eric MacAlister with 50/147 after a shootoff2nd Place was Davy Milton also on 50/1473rd place was W Gillies on 48/142Oban Times Club Trophy was won by Steve Wilson on 47/141Pool Trap:The left-right crossing pair proved popular, and perhaps a little too easy for today’s competitors with 7 shooters getting the full possible 8/8, Eric MacAlister amassing 5 lives, and Paul Chalmers four!After several rounds of distance handicap, Paul Chalmers emerged victorious.
1=Davie Milton50147
1=Eric MacAlister50147
3W Gillies48142
4Steve Wilson47141
5Jim MacIntyre47140
6=Hector MacFadyen47139
6=Dugie Davidson48139
8=Paul Chalmers46138
8=David Robertson48138
8=John Jackson47138
11=Iain Beath47137
11=Dennis Davitt46137
13Stewart Davis46135
14=Gregor Crawford47134
14=Scott Morgan47134
16John Weir46131
17John Mackin45129
18Ronnie Jenkins44123
19Alistair Stevenson42121
20Chris Jackson42120
21Mike Chisholm (Sr)41119
22George Nairn42117
23Iain Diamond41116
24Ian Love39112
25Paul Ferguson35103
26George Hunter38101
27Michael MacLeod3399
28Kerr MacKin3396
29Malcolm Ferguson3188
30Allan Morrison2881
31Charlie Boyd3168
32Elaine Wilson1235
33Mike Chisholm1029