Frequently Asked Questions

**Please note, we are not a commercial shooting ground. Shooting only takes place on the published practice and competition dates, due to license restrictions at the ground ** 

This means we cannot put a shoot on for you on any other day other than an advertised shoot or practice day, sorry.

We are in the area on holiday, can we come shooting?

Yes of course, but shooting only takes place on published practice and competition dates. If you are beginners with no experience of Down-The-Line clay pigeon shooting then you are best coming to one of our regular practice sessions (click to see dates) where we can lend you all the necessary equipment and give free informal tuition. If you have shot DTL before you are welcome to our Open Competitions (click to see dates). PLEASE NOTE that shooting only takes place on the published practice and competition dates, due to license restrictions at the ground. If you will need to borrow a gun and equipment, it is best that you contact us first to ensure we bring enough spares along.

Can the club accommodate a large party of beginners or a stag/hen do?

If you can make it to one of our Practice Nights (click to see dates), then please contact us in advance so we can gather the necessary equipment and volunteers to help out, especially for larger groups of 5 or more (We usually bring along enough spares for individuals or couples to turn up unannounced). If you are a stag/hen/birthday party or other celebration and wish to have a private shoot, then please see below regarding shooting on dates outwith the publicised fixtures:

Can we come shooting on a day not listed on your practice dates/competition fixtures? 

Ordinarily, no, sorry, as the club is only permitted to shoot on dates pre-arranged with the Police.

Do I need a license / my own gun to come and shoot?

No – the occasional visitor can borrow one of our guns at one of our organised practice sessions, as we have permission to do so, but if you wish to attend regularly you will need to apply for a shotgun certificate and bring your own gun.

What ages do you cater for?

We understand there is no legal minimum age for clay pigeon shooting, but children aged 10 and over are usually strong enough to hold a shotgun and comprehend the safety aspects of the sport. Let us know in advance if you are bringing younger shooters and we can look at bringing lighter guns and softer ammunition for them to use.

Do we need to book in advance for a competition?

If you are bringing your own gun and ammunition, and have some experience of Down-The-Line shooting, then there is no need to book; please just turn up for either Practice nights or competitions

If you wish to borrow equipment then we would appreciate if you could let us know you are coming, just so we know to look out for you and bring enough spare equipment.

Can I spectate?

Yes – and it’s free! We have a covered viewing area and tea/coffee/snack/toilet facilities and free hearing protection. Just turn up and make us aware of your presence at the reception desk so we can brief you on site safety.

What equipment do I need to bring?

Nothing – we can provide all guns, ammunition and safety equipment for you if needed. You can of course bring your own shotgun, ammunition and equipment if you have these.

What clothes should I wear to a shoot?

Comfortable outdoor clothes suitable for the weather. Nothing too bulky on the top. Footwear suitable for rough ground. There is shelter whilst spectating but the shooting positions are out in the open.

What abilities do you cater for?

Complete beginners and experienced shooters are all welcome. We can provide free informal tuition. Practice nights are suitable for all, and once you have some experience under your belt, come along to one of our Competitions.

ls your site wheelchair accessible?

The ground is mostly bare earth but is fairly flat and even. You don’t need to go up or down any steps. There is a gentle slope up to the main shooting stand, so we would like to think the site is accessible to wheelchair users. The toilet isn’t currently wheelchair friendly at present, sorry.

How much does it cost?

30 clays of Down-The-Line are £7 for guests/£5 members. Cartridges are on sale at £6/box of 25. Membership is £20/year. You are welcome to use your own gun and cartridges. We can lend you a gun and safety equipment at no charge.

How do I pay?

Cash only please for entrance fees and cartridges. Membership fees can be paid by cheque.