12th January 2013

12th January 2013 0 By lornctc

New year, new ground layout!

An improved car park, new pool trap area, heightened banks, a new container and even lights in the clubhouse (!) greeted 27 guns and a number of visitors on a moderately calm, dry day.


High Gun was E MacAlistair with 145/150 and an impressive 25/75 in round two.

2nd place was P Chalmers  with 138/150

3rd place was G Nairn on 135/150.

Pool Trap:

Recent groundworks have extended the pool trap area, and the resulting ‘sporting’ target provided a challenge well-matched to today’s shooters.

Just three guns out of a sizeable field of shooters achieved 8/8 on the new pool trap layout today. The shootoff was short and sweet, with Gus MacDonald walking away with the Whisky.